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Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times will soccer be held? 

Days/times will be dependent on how many register

Where will games be held?

      Depending on league, games will be held at Skyhawk Park or Schuler        Park

When will we get our schedule?

      Schedules will be sent out the week before games start. You will get          an email from Elk Ridge City Sports and your coach will get in touch          around this time. 

When will we get the jersey if one was ordered?

      The jerseys will be given to your coach as soon as the supplier is 

       finished with them. 

What happens if no coach signs up for my team?

       If no coach signs up, the parents will need to rotate each game to   

       coach the teams. However, it would be more beneficial to the

       children if they had the same coach the entire season, please 

       consider signing up to coach. 

Will my child need shin guards/cleats?

       For the safety of your child, we recommend the use of shin guards 

       and cleats. 

Will there be referees for each league?

       The younger leagues will not use referees, this will be the coaches 

        job to help judge when the ball goes out. 

When will we be notified of inclement weather changes?

       Inclement weather changes will be announced via email and on the 

       facebook page at 3pm the day of the game. 

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